Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Stay Active with SOGOActive

Teenagers these days are so much involved with tv and video games that it has started to affect their health. This is a major concern not only for parents but also for society as a whole in years to come. The direct consequence of such behavior is the number of diseases that teenagers are contracting at such an early stage of their lives. Physical activity of any sort is too important for kids and this is something which is as important as studies. Not only it is the duty of parents and teachers but the society should also contribute to it by providing ways and means to achieve this goal.

SOGO Active through their website is involved in national youth engagement initiative which is targeted at youth aged 13 to 19 years. Coca Cola Canada has partnered with ParticipACTION, Canada’s National Voice of Physical Activity and Sport Participation, to deliver the message of being healthy and active through each Province and Territory in Canada. The website has got innovative designs which helps one to design, manage, control, and change their own individual get active plan. The site helps not only to pick your favorite sports but also has tools that encourage you to achieve next level. SogoActive has an option to join various like minded groups to arrange active games and activities in your area. A section of website is devoted to stories of inspiration from star performers.

There would be more than 100 days of activities and celebration when the Olympic flame would pass through every province of Canada in 2010. This would be the time when celebration would be at its peak and no one would want to miss even a single bit of it. The best way to contribute is by being one of the torchbearers. SOGO Active is promoting an amazing offer in their website which will award over 1,000 torchbearer spots in the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Torch Relay. There are monthly selections of Coca-Cola Torchbearers beginning January 2009. The entries would only be awarded to those teenagers, who would join this program and would demonstrate a commitment to adopt an active lifestyle. Community Hosts who register in SOGOActive would have an opportunity to provide 20 of their SOGO youth the Olympic Flame through the merit based selection process. It’s definitely an opportunity not only to be active but also a silent way to contribute your bit to Vancouver 2010 Olympics.



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