Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Office Hours Traffic Jam in Old Delhi Road - Palam Vihar, Sector 22, Sector 23 Gurgaon Crossing

Its Office Hours and there is a huge Jam in front of me while approaching the Old Delhi Road from Palam Vihar. To me initially it looked like some kind of blockage due to VIP, accident, confrontation etc and hence I decided to acknowledge my fate and stay on. Traffic was moving slowly and it was not easy to shut down my car too. 15 mins and I hardly moved few meters while the T- point was still 400m – 500m away.

Traffic Lights were recently installed in this T-Point and I was getting curious that why such thing will happen after that. Also someone from Traffic Police is there to manage the traffic even if light does not function but still it was now more than 30 mins. that anything was not moving at all. My meetings now have to be postponed and I had started to make important calls from my car itself. I know the average of my car will go down if this thing repeats in coming days though I wished it should be an isolated case.

Finally as I approached the T-point I was very much disturbed to find out that Big Trucks used for transporting Maruti Cars had choked the traffic from all way. While one truck was trying to take a U-turn back towards the factory, there was other two approaching it from different sides. Inspite of traffic lights counting their normal seconds and 2 traffic police personnel manning the traffic there was a complete chaos. While the truck was using every little space to make the turn on other side there was every other car trying to make sure to be the first one to cross the truck. Patience at its worst and you had to manage it too.

Now it’s the 5th straight day I am just wondering what the hell is happening. It takes double the time for me not to reach office then to reach at usual hours. While work of everyone is important, I think it makes sense to adjust the timings.

I know things are not easy to change, But through this post I would like to appeal to Maruti and Traffic Police to change the timings of heavy vehicles away from normal office hours. Not only it would save time of people but also lot of resources in terms of fuel, breakage etc. would be saved. Maybe anything of this sort is already there but then it is not functioning at all. We need a discipline …..and that too to be imposed strictly.


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