Thursday, March 26, 2009

Is the Economy Turning Around

No one knows and this is still a mystery. A lot is being talked in media and predictions are being made by almost every analyst. After painful last few months almost everyone is hoping that good days would be back soon. The data on housing is good for the month of February in US and that has offered some hope. Apart from that the voices are being made by many literary people who think that currently markets are making the bottom.

On personal front nothing has changed much except that marketing pitches related to credit cards and loans have started again. In last few weeks I have received lot of calls from sales people willing to sell their cards and offer host of waivers. A credit line freezed by one of the financial company has been opened again and they called up requesting to take the loan. The loan processing which was taking much time in last few months is now taking less time. Series of measures has been taken by financial institutions in all these months with fear that they should not get caught again in the whirlwind. The effort by government would take shape soon and one can hope of better days again.

The people who have lost jobs have started to find the work again. Two of my friends who were laid off have got the break again. This period has literally stirred the souls of many people and has made them wise too. While some have realized to live life fully others are still hoping to get the break again.


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