Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Chance for Mayawati to be a Hero

A top contender for the post of PM in next elections, Mayawati is a star in the eye of Media. It can be publicity brought by Media on its own or something which various departments of UP are publishing through the Newspaper but fact remains that’s she is visible almost every day. She is someone whom poor acknowledge as their messiah and Babus fear to give sleepless night. It is heard that she give surprise visit to many places and pull up the govt employees for bad administration or work.

Though we have heard many negatives about her too but fact remains that she is a force to reckon with. Its not easy to mentor a lawless state and being a head of it is a job in itself. UP is still considered to bad by elite due to lawlessness and the challenge remains to change the image so that some new investment can come into the state. Also the fact remains that crime would go away if more investments come just like it happened in Gurgaon.

There are many things which she can do or make others do that can sent a positive feelers throughout India. One such thing is a positive wave through the time of recession which can definitely give encouraging vibes about her image. Definitely the work has to start from periphery and then should move inward. Through numerous readings on web and through chat groups, the best she can do is to promote IT industry in periphery regions of Noida and Greater Noida. In times of recession companies are looking for places where they can get cheap space and Greater Noida is definitely such area. If accommodation/space can be provided cheaply than it can give a real challenge to place like Gurgaon and Noida.

On residential front it needs to act responsible just like DLF. A lot of premium has been charged to allotees of rater Noida Schemes like BHS-08, BHS-09 and consecutive housing schemes. The people are really crying out because money has been paid in lump sum and they are paying huge Interest on top it. Mayawati has chance to be Hero by showing her responsibility the way DLF has shown. Just by reducing the price and returning the money to investors, would show huge favor for all those allotees who has shown interest in Grater Noida. Bank was not allowed to finance the project and HDFC and LIC secretly through adjustments with GNIDA provided financing (this blog has raised question on such alliance). Not only Prices can be reduced but people should be given an option to shift loan to Public Sector banks. A lot of members of such housing schemes has presented a memorandum and are fighting for their rights with head of GNIDA but its of no use. Again only one person can show her magic here and that is Mayawati.

We hope she would intervene and uplift Greater Noida as a place to be in future. Also we hope that she would help 1000+ allotees of Greater Noida Housing Schemes like BHS-08, BHS-09 whose voices are not being heard today even by the cash rich GNIDA. If concessions can be given to cash rich companies like Unitech and BPTP then why not common man.


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