Thursday, March 26, 2009

MagNext Virtual – The Next Revolution

I love playing games online. They are a great way to release the stress and have some fun. One of the great sites for playing games online is MagNext virtual from MEGA Brands. The concept is different and the graphics are just amazing. Most of the online games are the version of toys available through the stores which include iCoaster, Soheron and many others.

Adventure starts the moment you log into their system. Your avatar is a magnext ball which you can paint or design through interactive interface. There is a map available in the mini world which will help you navigate through the arena. You can either play solo games or can join other player in an online face to face competition. Of all the games available iCoaster is one of the amazing stress busters available. In iCoaster you have to put the tracks for your ball to roll along. Success depends upon the number of levels you can cross and time which you can save at each level. You earn Magz at each level which can be used to buy things for the Magnext ball. My favorite accessory is electron action that makes little electric circles spin around the ball for few seconds.

In case of multiplayer games you can play the game with other members. You need to challenge the members to play against you. You can also chat with other members and make them your friends through a very interactive system available. You get rewarded for every such action in the form of more Magz. This is a pure fun and excellent way to spend your time. An excellent stress buster and something I recommend to all my readers.



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