Sunday, April 12, 2009

Satyam to Close its Gurgaon Center

The repercussions of scam have started to show off. The company has lost many of its top customers which include the like of Statefarm, Cigna etc. Though companies like SAP have decided to stay with company but situation is not very bright. One thing which has happened good in this situation is the management of the affairs by the Government. This has at least secured the Job of many employees who might have been chucked out of company because of various reasons.

Many employees have already left the company because of their good experience but there are many who are finding it difficult to cope in this environment. There is a hope that new management would normalize the environment and bring company back on track. Also people are confident enough that Government might put some clause which would make it difficult for new management to chuck out people.

While Microsoft Group has already been shifted out of Gurgaon centre there are rumors that the office would be closed soon. Company is providing alternative to their employee to either shift to Bangalore or Hyderabad center. Almost all of the employees have decided to relocate to new office and resume their work there.


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