Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I Voted For Vindoo Dara Singh

Never imagined Pravesh would chant the slogan of Aam AAdmi and then put all the food in the pool. Did he know that how many poeple in India did not even get one meal in a day? Clearly, the drama and the hostile atmosphere he has created is to gain mileage and votes. Last time he foughts was to get votes and as a result Raju was eliminated (the trick worked for him). But not this time.

Vindoo is cool and is true reflection of what a Bindaas person looks like. Seeing him I can clearly see he is the best friend material.

I am voting for vindoo. In last 2-3 days I have done many votes and will do so till the end.

Good Luck Vindoo. I like your attitude and everyone in my family wish you to win (excepy my mom who favors PoonamJi)

By the way, I am Aam Aadmi.

Good Luck Vindoo.


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