Monday, March 31, 2008

Looking for a Job in Research KPO - Fresher/Work Experience - Submit your C.V.

This post is not for everyone. I truly respect those people who have done good in their academics, have solid degrees in their hand from institute of repute but due to sheer bad luck is struck at some place just because they have less work experience or are a fresher. Also sometimes it is very difficult to change you stream and land up a job which you really would like to do.
I have good contacts in KPO - Research Industry and would like to help those people either thru reference or by forwarding their c.v. But please forward me c.v. only if you satisfy following conditions
1) Good Performance in your Higher and senior secondary
2) Bachelor and PG degree from good known institute. Here probably marks wont matter much.

Mail it to .

If you are stuck in wrong place then chances are that someone might give you a call.Luck strikes ..... just keep your fingers crossed.

Note:- Don't go by date of this post as new jobs keep coming up. The jobs which gets filled up by internal refrences are way too much than those that comes in open market.                                                              

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