Sunday, March 23, 2008

Market Poised for Stabilization- Kotak Mahindra, Punj Lloyd still looks good

Recent events in US markets has taken some of the worry. While Bear Stern result has taken everyone offgaurd it is better show put by Lehman, Goldman Sachs, and Morgan Stanley which has given some respite to the market. Fed Rate cut was followed by a warning on Inflation which again is a sign of worry. However there is strong signals that in spite of metal, industrial, and energy stocks people would now move towards Financial and Consumer Stocks. Also there are signs that Pharma sector has bottomed out.

While the above was related to US markets, India dependence on US is a clear and plain truth. However the analogy of investment can vary.
I was particularly impressed by Kotak Mahindra and Punj Lloyd before fall. Truth is they look attractive now too.

Take your Pick. I am of opinion that its bottom surfing that we doing and soon things would start to move up. It can be months but hope is not lost.                                                              

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