Sunday, May 18, 2008

Virgin Mobile- Get Paid for Incoming

Virgin Mobile- Get Paid for Incoming. This is new buzzword in Indian Markets. Virgin Mobile has made a stylish entry with never before offer from any operator. While you get paid a meagre sum but in recent days I have seen many people switching their operator just because they want to stay with stylish brand.

The pull is not because of what they pay but because of the brand they want to be associated with. Virgin Mobile is up for making history. Go to their website or participate by clicking on them and you will host of prizes to be won. And the greatest pull is that in future also they would come with many irresistible offers. So the buzzword is to get associated with virgin mobile and be on course. It depicts youth and naughty nature and yes who in India would not like to have their traits.

Hats off to Virgin mobile ad campaign especially the traffic cop ad. Its history in making and its nice to be associated with it.                                                              

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