Sunday, July 15, 2007

E- Book on swing trading

I am going to forward an ebook on Swing Trading (one of the best). I keep forwarding such to my Google Group.

Join the group and leave a comment with your email id.

One book is forwarded based on demand received. If you have some special request do leave it in comment.                                                              

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explorer said...

please send me a copy, even i'm interested to learn. my email
thanks for the info

Chilli Flakes said...

Mailed you.

mm9547 said...


Jagdeep said...

Please send to me also, I have joined the group.


Chilli Flakes said...

Mailed. All Please do mention your mail ID in post. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Humble request for the book from

Thanks and regards,

. .

Amit said...

Need a book called "The Volatility Course, By George Fontanills and Gentile. I am looking into trading the volatility as opposed to the direction. If you do not have this title please forward another book which addresses this subject.

Chilli Flakes said...

mailed to all.

amit jain- i would mail you on your request seperately.

Nilesh said...

hi ... can you please email me ebook at

-- nilesh

Arunmozhi Sivam said...

Can you please mail the book on Swing trading to my email
Thanks a lot in advance

Anonymous said...

Pl. mail e-Book to me on

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