Saturday, July 21, 2007

Hindustan Unilever- Buyback may improve sentiments

HUL announced that it may consider sharebuyback in its 29th July board meeting.

While this can give stock a beeost in near term but stock earnings is still a view which affects the fundamental view on stock                                                              

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Anonymous said...

What should i do with 30 Shares of ITC bought at 187 an year ago

Chilli Flakes said...

The long term median price target given by all analyst is Rs. 180. MR Equities has given 12 month price target of 195. IDBI Capital Markets has 1 year target of 176. Also technically stock is a good buy at 140 to 145 with target of 170. But this stck will take time to move.

Anonymous said...

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