Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Making Money Online in India

How many methods you have tried and in how many you have did it with good luck. I gues not much especially if you are from India. Its not that chances to make money os not here but then online option is still not open. Folks things are catching up and one should be geared for it. Let me tell you few ways
1) is one place to make money and infact they cater to India too. But to mee it seems to be pure exploitation
2) Blogs- People are making money by blogging. But to reach to the level you need to graduate in this feild. Again needs lot of luck and time.
3) New concepts like iBIBO are coming to India. They are trying a Business Model. I am not surely if this is an idea whose time has come but then I would be eager to see how it spans out.
4) Other methids like reading emails, visiting sites etc. which is complete waste of time.

Illl keep you guys updated if I get more. There are people making money online but the path is not tht easy. sometimes you will start and will lose interest in few weeks.

Let me know what you think and I will keep you folks updated with such ideas.                                                              

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