Sunday, July 22, 2007

Investor Magazines in India- Money Today,Money Life, Outlook Money, Investors India

I am a regular reader of most of business/finance/investor magazines. The below 4 are my favorites and I dont miss any of their issue.

1) Outlook Money
2) Money Today
3) Money Life
4) Investor India

No doubt I have their subscription of 3 to5 years which ensures I do not Miss out on any issue.

Now the main thing- I believe it all started with Money Life when they flaunted the returns made by their stocks. The figures were very impressive and it could impress anyone who invests in stocks.

Immediate reaction came out from Money Today (Money today wealth tomorrow) which launched their portfolios and have started to track it on per issue basis. Not to metion that this startegy is in line with what big fund houses like citigroup, jp morgan, merill lynch, morgan stanley use.

I am still waiting for good reaction by other magazines (I could not see their recent issues due to time I need for my blog). Lets enjoy this feature till bull run is here. I am not sure what will happen when we enter the bear phase. Obviously they would be having a strategy for it but then the real winner would be the one who would ensure their readers would earn though any phase.                                                              

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