Wednesday, July 4, 2007

So what is the Magic Formula in Stock Markets

I am not sure and infact I am tired of trying some of them. Maybe you have large pool of money so that you can buy tons of stocks and keep buying and selling them. I hate the jargon of analyst on CNBC and NDTV who keeps on saying to buy on dips on almost every stock. I am not a mutual fund and neither I am wealthy individual. I have a limited sum and infact small loss do hurt me a lot.

While in my future blogs I would share how nothing works but the main important thing which I would like to tell you now is that I do trust the magic formula inspite of lots of losses which I have suffered in last year or so.

Intention of this blog is to put everything in this blog as I plan to start my journey. I am left with 15% of my capital and now my target is to make 500% of my original money in next 75 to 100 months. Too long for you but not for me because there are three things which I am going to look at now
1) How to stay longer in markets
2) How to preserve my capital
3) How to make profits
(This is from one of book whose name at this point i cannot recall).

If you are dejected from markets and left with little capital then this blog will help you. I am determined to make small %age of money every month to reach my goal.

In my next blogs I'll share the strategy. Infact I will use this blog to develop one.

the ideas are my own and anyone who trades on it will do at his own risk. I am going to move in a path but then if you have to move along you are responsible for your actions.

My path would be based on above 3 points. Lets see how it spans out.                                                              

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