Sunday, July 8, 2007

Whats the best strategy for you

I am not sure how much research you guys do on your end.

You must be having tons of money with you but if you have no knowledge of how to pick stock then you are doing nothing then gambling in a casino.

the apetite to trade is so string that we cannot think of life without it. This is an ocean of fire which kills many traders everyday and the few who survive wait on sideline to make ano0ther futile attempt.

Always I talk about magic formula. Do you have one? I guess most of you who will read this post doesnt have any.ased on tiups

Lets see whats you have tried-
1) Trading on your own with no plan
2) Trading based on tips
3) Picking up knowledge from chat rooms
4) Asking from self styled gurus whoi think their predictions are unbeatable
5) Subscribing to paid calls.

In the end if you are again a loser (accept it) then this is right place for you.

This blog will tell you safer startegies to earn about 6% + every month. Put it over 4 years by investing 45,000 from start makes it huge amount in lakhs.

Think about it. This is not a paid service. I like to build a community of people who shafre knowledge and resources.
Quite seldom I would like to help you with some reports but my blog will to highlight only those issues which I think are the best to share.


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